Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Poem for Easter

Open Door

I ask what is stopping me
from paradise 
this Easter
this new day.

I am the only answer,
my resistance and fear.
We all have our excuses.

And I see an open door
and the air is so clear. 
It is like snow melting in a river, 
forgetting itself.
It is the sound of a singing bowl
or a church bell in the middle of the night

And I want to walk through, 
step into space and move
held up by the promises

Of God and the waters
of baptism
crucifixion and resurrection
grace and redemption
freedom and love and wholeness
angels and all the rest

And I may yet, 
But still I stand here,
(too much? not enough?)

My arms wrapped around myself
like a seventh grader against the wall at a bad party
(they were all bad, weren’t they, then?)

But this is now
I stand here all grown up.
And I can see the door

and I will jump
if you come with me.

 Easter 2013

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