Monday, September 30, 2013

Checotah, OK

August 4: Checotah, OK.

again too close to the highway.
It’s loud.
Grasshoppers as big as my thumb compete with
semi trucks in the near distance.

This darkness, this humid night carrying
sound and the past across miles, years.

Route 611,
Eastern Pennsylvania.
Four years old at the stove, my
Grandmother's vague wheeze, her antique curling iron in
the flame of the stove.

"I tell you, that child looks
just like Shirley Temple!"

Enjoy the fuss for a while
run for the hills,
The flat rock where the garter snakes hid,
salamanders and toads.

Fall asleep in these sounds,
at the mercy of another
night, another
time, another
passing by.

 Photo July 11: Wall Drug, Wall, SD

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