Thursday, March 17, 2016

Welcoming Home the Stations of the Cross

When I was first in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, I worked at St John's Bowdoin St with the congregation and the ministries with those who were homeless and poor in the neighborhood...I started in September 2000. It was grace-filled and incredible and also, in parts, liturgically terrifying.  St John's was part of an  Anglo-Catholic tradition of "high" Episcopal worship that took all the senses seriously. From chanting to incense to more vestments than you can imagine. It was the first church that was my church--not my parents'. It was the first place I swung a thurible (somewhat shamefully, on Easter Sunday, when I didn't use enough incense and  weak trickle of smoke leaked out pathetically), the first place I taught an adult ed class, the first time I went to a vestry meeting...I'm sad to see it go. But 15 years after I left, the stations of the cross from St John's came to Waltham when St John's merged with the Cathedral Congregation. (More from me about the Stations of the Cross here).

Cathedral Facilities Manager Jim Woodworth incredibly helpful! See the blank places in the wall where they were before?

Front reredos and pews removed

Made in 1888, they're ten years older than Christ Church

There was a lot of waiting in the back pew while we figured out our next steps.

Jesus falls a second time. With cracks was broken while being taken down, and two in transit. A great metaphor--an inconvenient thing to try to repair.

Jesus takes up his cross

The frames are delivered!

And we have hooks!

Betsy helps David while Chloe looks on, clearly enthralled.

And here they all are!

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