Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Entebbe to Kasese Pictures

 The beautiful view we had plenty of time to enjoy in our leisurely drive

 Astonishing Ann, who works with her amazing and alliterative staff of Alex, Alice, and Annette

 The Courtyard at the clinic--the buildings are shaped a bit like an "E"

Exam Room

The operating room, where approx 30 procedures are done each month--everything from
amputations (unfortunately common due to car accidents) to
C Sections (the only time women get an epidural for labor)

Jackie Drapeau and me

 A very faint welcome rainbow the day we arrived

 Site Visit to the new hospital with Bishop M, Dr. Daniel, and Bp Tom

 Our site visit goes more in depth as we wade out into the cotton plants currently planted there

Some goats keeping the corn down at the site

 BMCF Vision, Mission, Values

A friendly public service announcement--circumcision can cut rates of HIV infection by half

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